MCW Anesthesiology Intranet
MCW Anesthesiology Intranet

Anesthesia Bacterial/Viral Filters & HME Info

Effective immediately we will be using Bacterial/Viral Filters on EVERY anesthesia machine and transport vent.  If we unknowingly have a patient in the OR who is infected with COVID- 19 and a Bacterial/Viral filter was not used the anesthesia machine MUST be removed from service for 28 days.  The filters are kept in the anesthesia workroom and 2 are located in each code bag.  Please refer to the photos for placement.

Dr. Connolly notes that the bacterial/viral HEPA filter easily saturates with water so beware that this may cause ventilation issues with your patient. “It has been noted as short as a 2-hour case, though today in my case, both filters (bacterial/viral and the standard HME) were saturated at 4 hours and needed to be changed during the case.”

To reduce any confusion and use of incorrect terminology please refer to the below photos:

Bacterial/Viral Filter

HME for 6+hr long cases


Standard HME (comes on circuit)


Bacterial/Viral Filter Placement