MCW Anesthesiology Intranet
MCW Anesthesiology Intranet

Department COVID-19 Update: March 27, 2020

Thank you all for continuing on in these challenging times; the unknown can be a significant source of stress. With the rules regarding patient care changing so rapidly, it is difficult to know how what is expected. This is where we are as of this morning:

Highlights from Froedtert include:

Highlights from Children’s include:

Highlights from the VA include:

While it may not always feel like it, there is really a lot of great work going on throughout our medical system.

Our ability to weather the coming weeks will depend on our working together and taking care of ourselves and each other.

I am humbled by the dedication of each of you to our mission.

With gratitude,


Cynthia A. Lien, M.D.
John P. Kampine Professor and Chair
Department of Anesthesiology
Medical College of Wisconsin