MCW Anesthesiology Intranet
MCW Anesthesiology Intranet

Aerosolized Procedure Isolation Workflow: Intubation/Extubation Process for Procedure/Operating Rooms

v.2 03/20/2020

Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs):

AGPs include:

***GI laparoscopic procedures should only be considered an AGP if utilization of Pureview Smoke Evacuator system from Buffalo Filter cannot be used. Please reach out to your Stryker Representative or Service Coordinator to secure proper supplies and equipment for laparoscopic and robotic procedures.***

Isolation guidelines for these procedures will be Airborne/Contact with eye protection isolation precautions only if you are within 6 feet of the patient. For these patients, proper PPE will include an N95 mask or PAPR/CAPR, gown, gloves, and eye protection for all team members for the entire procedure.

Procedure/OR suites must be terminally cleaned.

Procedure/OR suites should remain vacant postoperatively for sufficient time to allow for a full exchange of air, generally 1 hour (this can include cleaning time).

Intubation/Extubation: Patients that are not suspect PUI (person under investigation) nor confirmed COVID-19

Staff need to wear an N95 mask or PAPR/CAPR during intubation/extubation if they are within 6 feet of the patient. Staff can use a surgical mask for the remainder of the procedure.

Procedure/OR suites will not require terminal cleaning.