MCW Anesthesiology Intranet
MCW Anesthesiology Intranet

COVID-19 Response: Key Roles & Contingency Staffing Plan


Proactive planning is underway in the case of a COVID-19 associated surge in disease/hospital activity. We will have three new types of “COVID anesthesiology assignments” for physicians:

  1. Airway management (intubation team leader)- in-house assignment
    • Assigned daily to a 12-hour day shift and a 12-hour night shift
    • The night shift will replace the second call position and will be an in-house call, however, the sole assignment for this individual will be to be available for airway management requests from the ICU, Emergency Department (as a backup) and inpatient services.
    • Depending on the extent of disease surge, we may have to add a second airway management team leader to the schedule. If that happens, scheduling will be done as for the first intubation team.
    • Role assignment will be reflected as a new category in Open Tempo
  2. Available Intensivists
    • All available intensivists will be responsive to calls from the Hospital Command Center and may be redeployed to provide care in any of the intensive cares units throughout the Froedtert health system.
    • These sites include:
      • MICU
      • TICU
      • SICU
      • NICU
      • 7-NT
      • FMF ICU
    • Available intensivists will cover sites in 12-hour shifts d. Available Intensivists will be reflected as such in Open Tempo
  3. Ambulatory Pain Physician
    • All in-person patient visits have been cancelled.
    • A Pain physician will be assigned each day to:
      • triage patients with painful conditions
      • manage any medication refills needed prior to their next appointment
      • conduct phone-only visits


These teams are from:

  1. Froedtert Hospital (anesthesiologists, CRNAs, residents)
  2. Froedtert West Bend Hospital (Anesthesiologists)
  3. Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital (Anesthesiologists and CAAs)
  4. Pain Management (Anesthesiologists)
  5. ASC’s (Anesthesiologists and CAA’s)
  6. Critical Care (Anesthesiologist and APPs)

All AVAILABLE physicians, CVICU APPs, CRNAs and CAAs not assigned to work in a specific location or to airway or critical care call shifts will need to be available to work within one hour of being notified. You will be notified of additional scheduled hours during regular work hours. Check Open Tempo each day to see whether or not you have been assigned to work in a clinical setting. If a change is made after the schedule has been posted, either the AIC or Amanda will call you to let you know that your assignment has changed. Available providers will be assigned to staff different clinical sites as needed.


COVID 19 Plan- New Role Type of coverage Shift Assignment Location Compensation
Airway management (intubation team) In-house 12-hour shift: day Froedtert Main Campus Weekday: Base Compensation and 2 hours of after 5pm pay ($167/hour) Weekend: 2 CSUs
12-hour shift: night Froedtert Main Campus Weekday night: 2 CSUs per in-house night Scheduled for post call day/week to follow
Weekend Night: 2 CSUs and Monday post-call
Available Intensivists Available by phone or pager 12-hour shift: day Any critical care setting If available but not called in: Base Compensation.
If called to come in-house: 1.5 CSU/13-hours (equal to CV 2).
12-hour shift: night/weekends Any critical care setting If available but not called in: Base Compensation.
If called to come in-house: 1.5 CSU/13-hours (equal to CV 2).
Ambulatory Pain Assignment remote work phone consults  10-hour shift: day Remote site  Base Compensation
Available Provider Consistently available by phone or pager Available for work during weekday hours All hospital locations  Base Compensation


  1. COVID Anesthesiology Team (#1-3) will be assigned as such in Open Tempo
  2. All available providers will be coded in Open Tempo as AVAILABLE, making them available for posting by the AIC
  3. For now, vacation and post-call time remains without change. If you are asked to work on a post-call or vacation day, you will receive 1 CSU as compensation.
  4. Compensation structure will be put in place as noted above